Cooling Gel Patch

A novel way for fighting fever and temperature in kids and children

Only Rs.150

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The patch acts by absorbing heat energy from the applied fever area, transfers the energy to water molecules and relieves fever via pulling heat away from the area.

Works Fast and Longer

Cooling works immediately and provides instant soothing relief for up to 8 hours.

Safe and Convenient

Cooling contains no fragrant ingredient. No side effect. No refrigeration is needed.

Skin Friendly

Sticks tightly and removes painlessly. Absolutely causes no itching and irritation.

Coolit Cooling Gel Patch

Only Rs.150

Product Features

Refreshing mint with Antipyretic properties
Contains a large percentage of water that works with the body’s natural cooling system.
With Borneol activating cold sensing channels
Firmly paste: No falling off from the site and painless


Fever and temperature relief

Relief from mild headache and hot flashes

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